Best Joomla as a Service 2016 -- CloudAccess

When it comes to Joomla websites CloudAccess just does everything right. Their great tech support and support for Joomla are why we've given them the "Best Joomla as a Service" award.

Sam Cooper
by | Posted: June 22, 2016 | Updated: October 4, 2016
Best Joomla as a Service 2016 -- CloudAccess
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CloudAccess Wins Best Joomla as a Service

CloudAccess makes creating and managing a joomla website very easy. Over the past few years they have consistently provided fast servers and excellent tech support. Their Joomla tutorials and live webinars make their level of tech support unable to be replicated when it comes to Joomla. They work hard on optimizing everything Joomla has to offer and their tech support and customer service are grade A+.

We've used CloudAccess to host many of our own Joomla websites and they never fail to deliver. They provide more than the competitors which is why we're pleased to be giving cloudaccess our “Best Joomla Specific Hosting” award.

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