Best Joomla Host

There are several properties of a cloud hosting company that we look at to rank it. Here is our list of properties of a cloud hosting plan

  • Reputation - Established hosting company
  • Reliability - Server stability, speed and uptime
  • Size - bandwidth and disk space
  • Security - Quality server hardware and software builds
  • Price - Competitively priced

Expert Rating: 9.4

User Rating:    9.1

What you need to know:
CloudAccess is both cloud hosting and a managed Joomla service. We have hosted with them for several years and our experience has been great. Our test site has 200 pages of content. During the past 365 days of monitoring, our report shows an uptime of 99.68% and an average response time of 1,014ms (ideal speed).

Prices start at $19.95/Month for one website, 20GB disk space, 2,000GB bandwidth. CloudAccess support is comprised of true Joomla experts and a high level of technical support.

Expert Rating: 9.3

User Rating:    8.8

What you need to know:
Site5 excels at cloud hosting. To test this, we host a 200 page site at Site5. Over the last 365 days, our monitoring reported 99.67% Uptime, with an average response time of 810ms (very fast). Cloud hosting prices start at $20/Month for unlimited websites, 10GB disk space, and 100GB data transfer.

Each Cloud server group has a redundant server group waiting to take over. In the event of a hardware failure, Site5 can have the entire cloud up and running again in a matter of minutes. We have used Site5's cloud hosting service for over three years and are very pleased with results.

Expert Rating: 9.1

User Rating:    8.5

What you need to know:
Buy http

Expert Rating: 9.0

What you need to know:
BuyHTTP has a scalable cloud hosting platform. With the click of a button you can instantly increase your server resources. Plans start at $20/month for 10GB disk space, 256MB RAM and one CPU and go up to $480/month. Their cloud hosting is fully redundant. If your server fails, your site is instantly transferred to a waiting server. Technical support is 24/7.

It should be noted we have not specifically used BuyHTTP cloud hosting. We have used their shared hosting where we experienced first rate customer service and secure hosting.

Top 5 Tips for picking the best cloud hosting plan

  1. Reputation

    Not too many companies have started to advertise cloud hosting. But a few have made for themselves as Cloud hosting with Joomla. Both Site5 and CloudAccess offer a great service.
  2. Reliability

    When you are paying for cloud hosting, it is emphatic that it is reliable. Stability, uptime and page load speed are expected to be better with the cloud. To ensure you get a good deal with Cloud hosting check your speed and uptime with an uptime monitor. This will help you monitor the service as well as keep your website up and dependable.
  3. Size

    Disk space and bandwidth are two of the most important features of any cloud hosting plans. With Cloud hosting you will get a little bit less space and bandwidth for the money, but it provides much more redundancy.
  4. Security

    Cloud hosting provides a secure environment by spreading out your website on multiple servers in many different locations. The other server environment attributes need to be good as well.
  5. Price

    Like mentioned earlier, price with cloud hosting will be a little bit more expensive. This is because it comes with more premium features. Cloud hosting is a newer form of hosting that provides more quality, reliable hosting but costs a little more. Expect to pay more for the redundant servers and good features.