Best Joomla Host

Reseller hosting allows you to purchase server 'real estate' and sell it to other people. The best way to look at good resellers is as though you were hosting your website with them yourself.

  • Reputation - A well established company
  • Reliability - Servers rarely, if ever go down
  • Security - Keeps websites safe, inside and out
  • Price - Good amount of storage, bandwidth and features for the price
  • Tech Support - Helpful, friendly and responsive
SiteGround Review

Expert Rating: 9.6

User Rating:    9.1

What you need to know:
SiteGround provides a great reseller hosting option. Prices decrease the more accounts you resell: 1-4 accounts = $49/Month, 5-10 accounts = $45/Month, and 11+ accounts = $42/Month. Technical support and server monitoring is 24/7 and you can reach them by phone, live chat and ticket system.

Our SiteGround site has been performing very well. We set up a test Joomla site with sample data and default template only. After 8 months of testing our site reported 99.94% uptime and an average response time of 524ms which is very fast.

Expert Rating: 9.3

User Rating:    6.8

What you need to know:
Just Host makes reselling affordable. Plans start at $19.95 for 100GB's space, 15Mbps bandwidth, and unlimited accounts. Technical support is available for you via phone, live chat and email.

Just Host makes reselling financial feasible for you. Our Just Host websites have always performed well, but we do not currently host with them because we are testing other web hosting companies.

Expert Rating: 9.3

User Rating:    8.8

What you need to know:
Site5 offers great reseller options. Plans start $23.95/month for 50GB's space, 500GB's bandwidth, custom DNS names, unlimited resold accounts, and Site5's service guarantees. Technical support is there 24/7 to provide excellent help to you and your customers through phone, live chat and ticket system.

We have been increasingly impressed with Site5's technical support. They add a level of personal touch with pictures of their technicians in the emails and live chat support areas. You are assigned an agent and they will take care of you until the issue is resolved.

Our websites on Site5 have run very fast and reliably and we can confidently recommend them.

Expert Rating: 9.1

User Rating:    8.5

What you need to know:
HostGator gives you plenty of power to resell. Prices start at $24.99 for 50GB's disk space, 500GB's of bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited cPanels and more. Each plan comes with 24/7 technical support via phone, live chat and email.

We use HostGator to host a few of our sites and we have referred clients to them. We feel confidently about telling clients about their services.
Buy http

Expert Rating: 9.0

What you need to know:
BuyHTTP provides an easy to use reseller. Servers are fast and reliable. Prices are competitive starting at $19.95/Month for 2GB's space and 50GB's transfer. Get access to free templates, free backup and Softaculous 1-click installers. Technical support is 24/7 via phone, live chat and email ticket.

We have not used BuyHTTP for reselling. In the past, we have used their shared hosting plan and it hosted very well.

Top 5 Tips for picking the best reseller hosting

  1. Reputation

    When you get reseller hosting it is helpful to go with a company who is large, have a high quality service and will get you what you need. It's also helpful if you ever have to explain to someone how the reselling process works, that you use a good company.
  2. Reliability

    The reason reliability is important in a reselling situation, is because if something goes wrong with the hosting provider you are the one who is responsible. Make sure the company is known for their speed, uptime and stability.
  3. Security

    Keeping the webspace safe is the job of the hosting provider. They should have strong security. Making sure the servers are safe from internal problems like hackers as well as external problems like physical damage.
  4. Price

    Price is important because the less expensive it is, the more you are able to make a profit on reselling it.
  5. Tech Support

    If you have good tech support, you can have your clients call them instead of you if there is a problem. If you're the technician, it is also nice to know you can call someone to talk over your issues with.