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joomla-hosting-basicsJoomla Hosting Basics:

Where to start your search? What are the major points in Joomla Hosting? This section has guides and articles to help you get started with finding your Joomla host. We provide key tips, terms and definitions that you will need to know about each type of Joomla Hosting company. Whether your business is large or small, this area helps you distinguish what is you best pick.

installation-guidesInstallation Guides

How do I install Joomla? Which Company makes it easiest? How do you configure Joomla? We have the answers. In this section of guides, we provide easy to understand installation guides, configuration solutions, while covering the most essential points of different types of installations.

extensionsGreat Extensions

Ok... Joomla's installed, Now what? What are the Must-Have extensions? To answer these questions, we have spent time researching and putting together our favorite templates, extensions and other helpful components.

joomla-best-practicesJoomla Best Practices

What are the best Joomla SEO Practices? I need to make joomla faster. How can I? This is where to look if you have already been through our 'Joomla Hosting Basics' guides. For the best Joomla practices start your look here.

Top 5 Tips when looking for a Joomla Hosting Company

Getting used to Joomla can be overwhelming at first. Fortunately, once you are armed with the appropriate information, I becomes much easier to understand. At Joomla Hosting Reviews we take it on ourselves to learn everything about Joomla and to teach it you.

For your benefit, we have come up with our top 5 tips for finding the best Joomla Hosting Reviews. This page is a great place to start your search. If you don’t find what you’re looking for Contact Us to let us know. Leave us a review when you have started using a Joomla host!

1. Company Reputation

When looking for a Joomla Host do not let price be the deciding factor.  First I look for a company that is well established, has a good customer service, and is well regarded among Joomla users.

2. Required Features

If you have some hosting requirements, check to make sure your host will provide them. Joomla has it’s own requirements, so check to make sure your host will have them.

3. Tech Support

You may think that if your working with a good company, why would you need tech support? Well we hate to say it, but every website will have trouble while it’s up and running. Having ready and willing tech support will ease your frustration before it’s a problem. Many Joomla hosts have ‘Joomla Experts’ that work for them.

4. cPanel/Database access

Joomla has requirements that may take you into the cPanel to change things around. If you need to do this, make sure you have cPanel access. Some companies handle all of your Joomla needs, but you will not be able to change everything yourself. And it may limit you to only using Joomla.

5. Price

Price can be a misleading guide. Make sure you understand your hosting priorities. You could pay for more than you need miss out on something essential. Companies set up pricing at different levels in order to maximize their consumer base. The goal is to find a balance in what you’re looking for and what they will offer.