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ZipCloud Review
About ZipCloud: ZipCloud is a cloud storage and unlimited backup solution from the creators at Just Develop It. This product brings cloud syncing and storage together with...
Expert Rating: 9.8
User Rating: 6.8
Backblaze Backup Review
Company Info: With competitive pricing and great features it’s no wonder BackBlaze is thought of so highly. It rivals such companies as Carbonite or Mozy in terms...
$5/month ($50/year)
Expert Rating: 9.5
MyPC Backup Review
MyPC Backup Company info: MyPC Backup is a great home and multiple computer online backup company. They offer unlimited backups with easy to use software and accessible...
Expert Rating: 9.3
iDrive Online Backup Review
IDrive Company Info: IDrive online back services are offered by Pro Softnet Corporation which is a leading internet service provider. Started in 1995, Pro Softnet has provided...
Expert Rating: 9.0
Mozy Online Backup Review
About Mozy Mozy online backup tool was developed by Berkley Data Systems in the year 2005 and acquired by EMC in 2007. Mozy, EMC and Pi form...
Expert Rating: 9.0
User Rating: 5.5
JustCloud Review
About JustCloud: JustCloud offers cloud storage along with unlimited online backup. They are one of just a handful of companies that offer both...
Expert Rating: 8.6
User Rating: 3.7
IBackup Review
IBackup Company Info IBackup was established in 1995 by Raghu Kulkarni. The IBackup headquarters are in Woodland Hill California. IBackup is a popular online backup and storage...
Expert Rating: 8.5
User Rating: 7.0
Carbonite Backup Review
Carbonite Company Info Headed by CEO David Friend, Carbonite Online Backup Services was launched in 2005. Carbonite was the first company to offer fixed price backup model....
Expert Rating: 8.0
SugarSync Review
Summary SugarSync is a pioneer in cloud storage by using their cutting edge software to easily sync files and folders over multiple devices without the need for...
Acronis Backup Review
Acronis Company Info: Acronis is a company that specializes in full system restore. This means that the your whole computer, operating system, applications and personal files are...
Livedrive Backup Review
Livedrive Company Info: Livedrive is a well polished company with a great product and great service. They have design ideas that make backup easy and convenient. If...
$6.95/Month ($66.53/Year)
User Rating: 3.3
SOS Online Backup Review
SOS Online Backup Company Info: SOS Online Backup is one of the most trusted names in the business. They have great security features and award winning service....
$9.95/month (or $79.95/year)
User Rating: 10.0
Dropbox Backup Review
Company Info: The simplest form of keeping computers and devices synced. Dropbox offers a one of a kind method of storing and sharing files called the Dropbox....
User Rating: 9.0
13 results - showing 1 - 13