A2 Hosting Interview 2016

We interview Brad Litwin of A2Hosting about tech their support staff, server tech, network reliability and more.

Sam Cooper
by | Posted: June 22, 2016 | Updated: July 18, 2016
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Brad Litwin of A2 Hosting
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Sam Cooper of Joomla Hosting Reviews

Thanks again Brad for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope everyone is just as interested in A2Hosting as we are.

Q.What is the history of A2 Hosting? When and why was it established? What were the goals of the company when it first started?

Litwin: A2 Hosting started as a hobby by our CEO Bryan Muthig and his business partner. They started hosting sites for friends and family in 2001 where the company began to grow organically. They added a website to promote the company and learned SEO as an initial way to promote the company.

The goal when A2 Hosting first started was to offer developer friendly hosting. A2 Hosting was one of the first companies to offer PHP 5 Hosting with cPanel. That really set us apart from the competition.

In 2006 Bryan and his partner began to work on the business full-time. Shortly afterward, Bryan ended up buying out his partner and dedicated himself to growing A2 Hosting.

Over the years we've added a number of non-technical features like top-notch customer service and we strive everyday to improve our customer experience. We strive to offer service that is not a commodity.

That means offering high speed hosting and making our backend perform quickly as possible.

Q.Where is A2 Hosting headquartered? What is the A2 Hosting culture like? How many employees? What is a typical day like?

Litwin: A2 Hosting is headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI. We have over 50 employees located all over the United States and data centers all over the globe.

Our company culture is very customer centric. It's very easy for a business to have departments that become very isolated.

We strive to ensure that all of our departments stay in constant communication from our customer support to our sales/marketing to our web development to system engineers.

I can't speak for all of our employees but my day is very much about getting the word out about A2 Hosting. In large part that means managing our affiliate program and working on content/SEO on a daily basis.

Q.What server technologies are used or supported? How do you keep them online and current?

Litwin: We're a Linux/LAMP Hosting provider, but I would assume most of your readers are most interested in our Joomla Hosting.

Not only does Joomla come pre-installed on our hosting so our customers don't have to fumble around with setup files, it comes A2 Optimized. That means we pre-configure our Joomla installs with the best security and speed settings.

Q.How secure is the infrastructure of your network?

Litwin: Very secure. We offer what is called Perpetual Security, our proactive security measures, on all of our accounts. That includes server hardening, dual firewall, brute force defense, 24/7/365 security monitoring and many more.

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Q.Do you have a reliable support staff that the user can contact with questions? Where are they located?

Litwin: Absolutely! In addition to focusing on fast, reliable service, we know the importance of offering top-notch support. Our support staff members are sprinkled throughout the United States and have been hand-picked by our human resources department.

Not only are they extremely friendly, but they're very knowledgeable as well. Our customers can contact us 24/7/365 via email, live chat and phone.

Q.What sets A2 Hosting apart from the other hosting companies?

Litwin: At A2 Hosting, it's "our speed, your success." We live our brand! Each of our customers are hosted on our high performance SwiftServer platform. That includes everything from our network, hardware, application stack and all of our various caching technologies we offer.

We also offer our Turbo Server option featuring up to 20X faster page loads compared to competing Joomla Hosting providers.

Q.What is something interesting most do not know about A2 Hosting?

Litwin: Many people don't know, but the A2 in our name actually stands for our headquarters, Ann Arbor

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