What to look for in a Joomla Web Host

There are key characteristics of a hosting company that will help you with your search. Speed, uptime, support... to name a few.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: September 24, 2007 | Updated: June 11, 2013
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Looking for the best Joomla Hosting Company?

Here is what to look for:

  • Good Uptime
  • Fast Servers
  • cPanel as the Control Panel
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Good Ticketing System
  • Helpful Staff

The short and sweet If you do not have a reason you have to go with a specific company the go with someone from this list:

They all run cPanel and host tens of thousands of Joomla Sites and are very good at it.  I have dealt with many of the smaller custom companies.  Most of them can host joomla sites but you can run into small issues here and there. These small little issues start turning into hours of your time.  And that can suck.

Basic Software Requirements

PHP, mySQL, ftp, log files, email

Good Control Panel

You want an easy interface to manage all of your domains and setting.  If you are looking to run many websites then you need to look for a good control panel that makes it easy to navigate between all of your sites.  Site5 has a great system for multi site hosting.

Good Uptime

You want the servers to be reliable.  To keep them honest we highly recommend Pingdom a website uptime monitoring service.  You can monitor several sites and get all the needed statistics such as uptime and latency reports.  They can send alerts to either your email address or a cell phone.  Depends on how important the site is.

Good Customer Support

This is particularly important when setting up a site for the first time.  Once a site is set and configured customer support is not as important.  In the beginning good customer support can save you lots of frustration.   Most helpdesk should be able to get back to you in 3 to 4 hours.  I wish that number what lower but it is better to be realistic.

Good Servers

Not only do you want the servers to be up but you want them to be running fast.

Back ups

There are hundreds of hosting companies, a few good ones and many bad ones. They all tell you they have all the options and 100% uptime, which is not the case.  I have created a list of the items I use when evaluating web hosts.

I have set up and run a web hosting company myself. It ran out of the same collocation as part of Gmail.  We evaluated all of the different web control panels.  We set up the billing software.  We built a website to advertise our services. We got lots of customer.  After about a year we learned that it was better and cheaper to pay someone else to host our sites.

Steven Johnson

Steven is a Joomla web developer and worked with Joomla since the Mambo days. He has built websites for startup businesses all the way to for Fortune 500 companies. A graduate of Georgia Tech in Chemical Engineering, he now happily spends his time building websites and reviewing all types of technology.

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