The top 10 places for Premium Joomla Templates

Premium templates are created by Joomla design professionals. See our top ten templates by companies like RocketTheme, Yootheme, Gavick Pro, JoomlaShack and more

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: October 22, 2010 | Updated: April 8, 2014
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With such a huge selection of websites selling Joomla Templates you can't help but feel spoilt for choice. However, many of these sites are selling over-priced, bad quality templates. We felt it was important to hilight some of the best Joomla template hosts on the web below.

1. Rocket Theme


Rocket Theme is another example of proper premium joomla templates. Rocket Theme is another service that offers complete solutions with an abundance of add-ons, support and a community forum to say the least. Rocket Theme is one of the pioneering template sites for the joomla Community. They even offer Drupal, WordPress and phpBB3 templates so it is an expanding community.

Rocket them offers 4 types of memberships so that all customers can get the most out of their signup and the price.

Visit RocketTheme

2. YOOtheme


We had to put YOOtheme at the top of the list due to the fact that these templates are truly premium and packed to the rafters with features. These features include everything from modules, plufins and the graphic source files plus a huge amount more. Just the components alone are something to be desired.

Yootheme offer 3 types of memberships that cater to a variety of people and their needs including single users and developers.

Visit Yootheme

3. Templateplazza


Another Joomla template pioneer is Templateplazza, and these guys keep serving up the goods needed by the thriving joomla communtiy. The templates offered here are very creative and really take away from that typical Joomla feel. They are also very focused towards social networking based sites and design for such addons as JomSocial and more.

Templateplazza offer 3 membership types at very reasonable prices.

Visit Template Plazza

4. Joomla Bamboo


Joomla Bamboo create really elegant sophisticated templates that i believe appeal more to the business sector and those looking for something that is easy to setup without all the frills! With over 40 temlates and a range of extensions you can't go wrong with Joomla Bamboo

Joomla Bamboo offer 5 membership types and all memberships give you access to all templates so its a good deal that is limited by domain.

Visit Joomla Bamboo

5. Gavick Pro


Another very professional template studio offering clean quality designs for a variety of subjects and function from shops to blogs. Gavick is also a partner of, and a few other sites so it is very reliable. They also provide constant updates to all their templates.

Gavick offer 3 membership types

Visit Gavick

6. Joomagic


JooMagic provides quality website templates to their members. Their templates are very stylish with a sleek modern look. Joomagic has just expeanded into wordpress templates.

JooMagic offers several template club options.

Visit Joomagic

7. Joomla Shack


Joomla shack is another pioneer that not only offers templates but also offers Joomla University for those that what to learn all the ins and outs. They also offer a great wealth of Joomla video tutorials. All templates seem to work straight out of the box and are really easy to get going unlike some of the more complicated templates on offer some of the companies above.

Joomla Shack dont offer a membership but instead sell on a per template basis.

Visit JoomlaShack

8. Joomla Junkie


Wonderful templating service with great customer service and support and they claim to speak  fluent geek and non geek! The have a good range of crisp, fun and creative templates that cover a wide range of topics. Their templates are based on a framework called Morph. They also offer some great free templates!

Joomla Junkie offer 6 membership types which cover all user types.

Visit Joomla Junkie

9. You! Joomla


Another very clean Joomla template service for the more business orientated websites. They cover a range of subjects from shops to automobiles. You! Joomla has a wonderful elegance to their templates and they all come packed with features and the psd source files.

You! Joomla offer up 4 types of memberships

Visit YooJoomla

10. Shape 5


Shape 5 is one of the longest running Joomla template clubs with plenty of templates to choose from, well you would need plenty when you have over 100,000 members! Their templates use bespoke javascript and come packed with features and the psd sources. You can even hire their coders to shape the template more to your liking.

Shape 5 offer offer 5 signup options.

Visit Shape5


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