Joomla Hosting Reviews Interviews Ben Gabler of IX Web Hosting

Joomla Hosting Reviews Interviewed Ben Gabler, Hosting Director at IX Web Hosting, about company history, corporate culture, technical support, hosting plans and future endeavors.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: February 5, 2013 | Updated: June 11, 2013

Atlanta, GA - Feburary 6th, 2013

Joomla Hosting Reviews ( interviewed IX Web Hosting about the company's history, it's corporate culture, technical support, hosting plans and future endeavors. IX Web Hosting was started in 1999 and has become successful in the web hosting industry.

To start of the interview with IX Web Hosting’s history, en Gabler told a story about the CEO, Fathi Said, saying, "Fathi had been working on getting into the web hosting business since he was 16, and starting a company had always been his goal. He chose ‘IX’ web hosting as a name because one of his earlier ideas was “Internet eXpress,” and the IX just stuck."

Joomla Hosting Reviews inquired about the corporate culture of IX Web Hosting, asking what it was like and what a typical day consisted of. Gabler replied, "...when we look to hire people, for any position, one of our biggest considerations is personality. You can teach most people the technical ropes, but you can’t teach personality. We want to hire fun people that are fun to work with. It creates a fantastic, energetic work environment."

When asked about technical support Gabler explained IX Web Hosting allows their technical support staff handle issues the way they best see fit. He said, "We give our reps all the time they need to fix an issue, and encourage them to take ownership of each issue until it’s completely resolved."

Gabler expanded on IX Web Hosting’s business model. The main differences between the plansiss how many websites you can host per account. He said, "Essentially, the perks and resources scale up as you go from Expert to Business to Unlimited. If you’re planning on hosting one site, Expert’s for you. More than one? Business Plus. Quite a few sites? Go with Unlimited."

Joomla Hosting Reviews wrapped up by asking IX Web Hosting’s future. Gable said, “We’re also looking into getting a second control panel option for our shared hosting customers as well. We encourage every member of our staff to be as innovative as possible, so new ideas are always coming down the pipeline."

In the future, Joomla Hosting Reviews is expanding their interviews section to include more companies and interviews. A couple weeks ago they released an interview with SiteGround CEO Tenko Nikolov about security. They plan to have more interviews like this one released very soon.

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