Backblaze Review Announced by Joomla Hosting Reviews

Joomla Hosting Reviews determined that Backblaze is a great, unlimited backup solution that has created high quality, affordable and accessible service in latest review.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: May 13, 2013 | Updated: April 8, 2014
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Atlanta, GA -- May 21, 2013

Joomla Hosting Reviews ( announces their review of Backblaze which includes price and value, features, backup process, restore process and overall performance.

The review explains that Backblaze is one of the best options for Unlimited backup with an affordable price, flawless software functionality and all necessary features for home or small office backup. Read the whole Backblaze review.

The sign-up and installation is “super easy” according to the review where you only have to “enter basic information and download the Backblaze software to the desktop (Mac)… or through the START menu on Windows.”

The review goes on to break down the settings and configuration including each of the six navigation tabs that “does what it says without clutter and confusion.” The software allows for unique features like the Temporary Data Drive which “protects the files being backed from damage in the event of an internet disconnect”. The system, according to Joomla Hosting Reviews, allows for complete control of your backing up needs through customizable schedules and exclusions of unnecessary files. The option of manual backup and deselecting large files can prevent network overload during peak hours when set up correctly.

Finally, the Editor discusses the three restore options; web download, USB Flash drive via FedEx and USB Hard Drive via FedEX. He says, “We love these restore options. If you need just a few files restored you can download them. If you need a large amount of data you can get them faster via flash and hard drive.” Joomla Hosting Reviews also commented on the excellent service they received when they were informed of a more economical option of file restoration via Flash drive over hard drive.

Steven Johnson notes that Joomla Hosting Reviews believes Backblaze is “one of the best options for home or work computer backup” due to the fair pricing for the functionality of the system withouth any hidden fees or upgrade charges. He recommends Backblaze for people requiring “Unlimited Backup that is easy to use and is at the right price.”

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