Media Temple Interviewed By Joomla Hosting Reviews

Media Temple's Jason McVearry was interviewed by consumer interests website Joomla Hosting Reviews about their history, corporate culture, and their plans for the future.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: September 4, 2012 | Updated: June 10, 2013

Atlanta, Ga September 5th, 2012

Joomla Hosting Reviews ( interviewed Jason McVearry, Media Temple's Marketing Manager, about their approach to web hosting as well as Media Temple’s history, corporate culture and future plans. Media Temple Interview

When talking about their history Jason explained, "In my opinion, the interesting part of the story was Demian’s (Media Temple's CEO) insight into the power of the web designer. Hosting sites for his associates and friends in the web design industry, Demian was immersed in the emerging web design world. Building relationships and a reputation with the community that put a LOT of time and energy into making their sites was a natural inroad to building Media Temple."

When asked about Media Temple's corporate culture Jason said, "We have 190 employees, most based in Los Angeles with satellites in NYC and Portland. A typical day for all employees will include small group discussion and problem solving sessions, client interaction (obviously) and cross departmental collaboration sessions."

At the end of the interview Jason summed up with the improvements customers will be seeing in the near future. He said, "We’re handling security updates, back-ups and simplifying the user experience by allowing you to “exist” in your preferred app environment without file or database management hassle."

David Blane, Joomla Hosting Reviews Editor said, "We have followed Media Temple for a long time. They are veterans in the web hosting market, so we were excited to talk with Jason. We were encouraged about what he had to say and expect to continue to see good things from Media Temple, so stay tuned!"

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