Top Responsive Joomla Templates

See our list of the best responsive templates for Joomla. With all the different screen sizes of the devices available, the decision to go responsive is a inarguable.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: July 11, 2012 | Updated: June 12, 2013
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Websites that have responsive code will display sites better based on the size of the monitor or browser that is viewing the page. Having a website that does this adjusts your website to display correctly when presented with a mobile phone or tablet.

Google ranks sites that can get their code to be responsive to all different types of displays. We though it would be helpful for if we came up with the best templates that are built to be responsive. Thier code already optimizes code automatically so getting your website to start responding will be easy.

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Gantry by RocketTheme

Nano2 by Yootheme

JA Elastica by Joomlart

SJ  Mobie by SmartAddons

Joomla Bamboo

Gavick Pro,91.html


Responsive Joomla Considerations.
In addition to moving the modules around the sliders and other elements of a joomla site need to adjust to the various screen widths.

Difference between Mobile Ready and Responsive


Elements that can / should adapt

  • Navigation Elements
  • Font Sizes
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